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Name of maze Water Maze
Type of maze 3D maze with water jets, lots of routes, few dead ends. Outdoor.
Materials Wooden
Aim Reach top of central tower.
Name of maze Jungle Maze (also Adventure Land Maze)
Type of maze Hedge
Materials Hedge. Slab paths.
(Outer hedge high, inner hedge low enough for adults to see over, some reinforced with fence.)
Aim Reach top of central tower.
Location Guliver's Land, Milton Keynes
Map Reference SP8840
Entrance Fee Yes
Parking Free
Links Photographs: Water Maze, inside the Water Maze. Jungle Maze.
Gulliver's Land website. This site requires Flash, and does not have a non-Flash alternative *frown*
Last updated / checked Maze visited: May 2003
Page updated: May 2003
Links checked: May 2003

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