Apollo and the Moon

A Detailed Timeline of Succesful Missions to the Moon

Launch DateNameCountryMissionReturned
Jan 1959Lunik 1 (Luna 1)RussiaPassed Moon.Data
Sept 1959Luna 2RussiaHard (crash) landed in Mare Imbrium. First probe to land on Moon. 
Oct 1959Luna 3RussiaCircled Moon. First photos of far side of Moon.Images
(5 year gap)
July 1964Ranger 7USAHard landed in Mare NubiumImages
Feb 1965Ranger 8USAHard lander.Images
Mar 1965Ranger 9USAHard landed in Alphonsus.Images
July 1965Zond 3RussiaClose to Moon.Images
Jan 1966Luna 9RussiaSoft landed in Oceanus Procellum. First soft landing.Images
Mar 1966RussiaLuna 10Lunar satellite. First artificial lunar satellite.Images
May 1966Surveyor 1USASoft landed near Flamsteed. Detailed local area exploration.Images
Aug 1966Orbiter 1USALunar satellite. Crashed on Moon at end of mission.Images
Aug 1966Luna 11RussiaLunar satellite.Images & data
Oct 1966Luna 12RussiaLunar satellite.Images & data
Nov 1966Orbiter 2USALunar satellite. Crashed on Moon at end of mission.Images
Dec 1966Luna 13RussiaLanded in Oceanus Procellum.Images & data
1967Orbiter 3USALunar satellite. Crashed on Moon at end of mission.Images
Apr 1967Surveyor 3USALanded in Oceanus Procellum.Images & data
May 1967Orbiter 4USALunar satellite. Crashed on Moon at end of mission.Images
Aug 1967Orbiter 5USALunar satellite. Crashed on Moon at end of mission.Images
Sept 1967Surveyor 5USASoft landed in Mare Tranquilitatus. Detailed local area exploration.Images & data
Nov 1967Surveyor 6USASoft landed in Sinus Medii. Detailed local area exploration.Images & data
Jan 1968Surveyor 7USASoft landed on rim of Tycho. Detailed local area exploration.Images and data
Apr 1968Luna 14RussiaLunar satellite.Images & data
Sept 1968Zond 5RussiaCircled Moon & returned to Earth. Carried plants, seeds & insects.Images
Nov 1968Zond 6RussiaCircled Moon & returned to Earth.Images
(Apollo manned Moon missions start.)
Dec 1968Apollo 8USAManned flight round the Moon 
May 1969Apollo 10USAManned test of Lunar Module in Lunar orbit 
July 1969Apollo 11USAFirst Moon landingSamples
Aug 1969Zond 7RussiaCircled MoonImages & data
Nov 1969Apollo 12USASecond Moon landingSamples
Apr 1970Apollo 13USAAborted Moon landing, circled Moon 
Sept 1970Luna 16RussiaSoft landed in Mare Foecunditatis, samples fired back to Earth in rocket capsuleSamples
Oct 1970Zond 8RussiaCircled Moon and returned to EarthImages & data
Nov 1970Luna 17RussiaCarried Lunokhod 1 which operated in Mare Imbrium for 11 monthsImages & data
Jan 1971Apollo 14USAThird Moon landingSamples
July 1971Apollo 15USAForth Moon landingSamples
Sept 1971Luna 19RussiaLunar satellite 
Feb 1972Luna 20RussiaLanded near Apollonius, samples fired back to Earth in rocket capsuleSamples
Apr 1972Apollo 16USAFifth Moon landingSamples
Dec 1972Apollo 17USASixth Moon landingSamples
(Apollo manned Moon missions end.)
Jan 1973Luna 21RussiaCarried Lunokhod 2 which operated in Le Monnier area for 4 months 
May 1974Luna 22RussiaLunar satelliteImages & data
Aug 1976Luna 24RussiaLanded in Mare Crisium, samples returned to EarthSamples
(More recent missions.)
Jan 1990HagamoreJapanSatellite, crashed near Furnerius after 3 monthsData
Dec 1990GalileoUSAFlew past Moon en route for JupiterImages
Jan 1994ClementineUSA?Orbited moon for 4 months, nor in Solar orbitImages & data
Jan 1998ShoemakerUSAFlew past Moon en route for ErosImages
Jan 1999ProspectorUSA?Moon orbiter, searching for lunar ice, crashed into polar crater after 6 months 
Aug 1999CassiniUSAFlew past Moon en route for SaturnImages