Apollo and the Moon

The Moon

The Moon is a rocky airless body with much lighter gravity than Earth (about a sixth). It is a similar age to the Earth. The Earth has 81 times the mass of the moon.

The Moon is about 240,000 miles from the Earth, or about 30 times the Earth's diameter away. The Moon's diameter is a bit over 2000 miles.

The Earth and Moon revolvle about the their common center of gravity, which is inside the Earth, but not at it's center.


The full Moon.

Mock-up of Lunik 9, in the London Science Museum.

Schematic of the Lunar Module.

The Lunar Module descending to the Moon.

Mock-up of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module, in the London Science Museum.

The Lunar Module lifting up from the Moon.

An astronaut, probably Buzz Aldrin, taken by Neil Armstrong.

Two astronauts and the ubiquitous American flag.

An astronaut on the Moon, near a large rock.

The lunar rover.