Apollo and the Moon

Links and Bibliography

I'm sure there must be other pages on the Apollo missions out there but this Nasa page and this NASA page were the only useful ones I found, and the second has now vanished!

More recently (since discovering 'proper' search engines :s ) I have found these sites: Nasa Apollo site, NASA 30th anniversary of Apollo 11, Apollo landings.

My local library was more useful. I have found the following video and books to be most useful.

"Apollo - One Giant Leap for Mankind"
This double video has been my main source of information.
"The History of Manned Space Flight" by David Baker PhD, publisher New Cavendish Books
This (large and heavy!) book has also provided a lot of useful details and lists.
"Patrick Moore On The Moon"
is, like all Patrick Moore books, an excellent read, and also had useful details on probes that reached the Moon.
"A Man on the Moon" by Andrew Chaikin, publisher Penguin Books
provides an enormous amount of information. I read it before starting on the pages, and now need to reread it to add (and check) details.

I have also looked at / made use of (in no particular order):

  • "Moon Landing" by Caroline Stott, publisher Dorling Kindersley
  • "Partick Moore's New Guide to the Planets" publisher Sedgewick and Jackson
  • "An Illustrated Guide to the Space Shuttle: US Winged Spacecraft: X-15 to Orbiter" by Melvin Smith FBIS 1985, publisher Haynes
  • "Gagarin and Armstrong: the First Steps in Space" by Clint Twist, publisher Evans BrothersLtd 1995
  • "The Dream is Alive" by Barbara Embury, publisher Sumerville House Publishing
  • The Encyclopedia od Stars and Planets" by A. Rukl, editor Storm Dunlop, publisher Aventium, Hamlyn
  • Video: "Apollo 13: The True Story" Presented by Sir Patrick Moore. Science Museum
  • Video: "The Apollo Story" Presented by Sir Patrick Moore. Science Museum