Apollo and the Moon

Apollo 17

Apollo 17 was the sixth and last manned landing on the Moon. The mission took place in December 1972.

Harrison Schmitt was the first (and last) scientist-astronaut to land on the Moon.

The lunar Module landed in a highland and valley area. They were looking for the youngest rocks, and also evidence of Lunar volcanoes.

The sampling trips, using the Rover, included finding one crater which had orange soil. The sixth scientific station was set up.

Ronald Evans was occupied photographing, observing and describing the Moon's surface, as well as operating various experiments. On the return to Earth, he performed an EVA to retrieve the film cannisters.

CrewMission CommanderEugene Cernan
 Command Module PilotRonald Evans
 Lunar Module PilotHarrison Schmitt
CraftCommand ModuleAmerica
 Lunar ModuleChallenger