Apollo and the Moon

Apollo 16

Apollo 16 was the fifth manned landing on the Moon. The mission took place in April 1972.

There were problems with the backup systems in the Lunar Module, but after some testing it was decided to go ahead.

The Lunar Rover was used again. There were the usual round of sampling trips and setting up of a scientific station. This included the first samples from highland locations. The Lunar sub-surface was mapped using probes in the ground and explosives. The scientific equipment included a UV camera for astronomical observations.

The Lunar Rover was filmed 'in action'.

On the return to Earth, Thomas Mattingly performed an EVA to retrieve the film cannisters.

CrewMission CommanderJohn Young
 Command Module PilotThomas Mattingly II
 Lunar Module PilotCharles Duke
CraftCommand ModuleCasper
 Lunar ModuleOrion

Apollo 17